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About Foss Resources

Foss Resources is an energy investment firm that was founded in early 2019 and is currently headquartered in Denver, CO. Foss specifically acquires and manages oil and gas interests across the major oil and gas basins in the USA. We offer and provide interest owners a solution to realize immediate liquidity for their mineral and royalty rights, whether through selling or leasing.

Our Process:


Fill out your information below and provide as much documentation about your property as you can. This may include revenue statements, leases, proof of bonus payment, title information, etc., that would help us identify the details of your property.


We will review the initial information and follow up with additional questions by phone or email.


After we generally understand the properties you own, we will evaluate internally and follow up to discuss an offer to purchase or lease your interest.


If there is mutual agreement by phone or email on the terms of our offer, we will send a formal Offer Letter by mail or for digital signature.


After we receive a signed agreement back for your interest, we will run title and confirm your ownership.


Once title is confirmed, we will send a deed or lease in exchange for the agreed amount of consideration, based off your exact acreage determined.


Please fill out for a free consultation with no obligation! Also, feel free to reach out to one of our team members below!

Mailing Address:
225 South Broadway, #9847
Denver, CO 80209


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    Our Team

    Benjamin F. Gowdey
    Benjamin F. GowdeyFounder/Manager
    Adam L. Woolley
    Adam L. WoolleyAcquisitions Manager


    Why would I sell?2021-01-23T15:06:51-07:00

    These are the most common reasons we have heard from owners:

    • Accounting and Management of the asset
    • Mitigate the risk associated with Oil and Gas investments
    • Need a lump sum for paying down debt
    • Other investment opportunities
    • Capital Gains (asset sale) vs. Ordinary Income Tax (royalties & lease bonuses)
    • Simplify estate distribution (when mineral rights continue to be split up and passed down, they generally have less marketability as to the value of the asset)
    • Life Expenses!
    What are the different types of Oil and Gas Interests?2021-01-23T15:07:56-07:00
    • Fee Mineral Interest (Includes royalty and executive leasing rights)
    • Non-Participating Royalty Interest (Perpetual rights to royalties with no executive leasing rights)
    • Overriding Royalty Interest (Royalty interest attached to a lease that expires with lease expiration)
    • Working Interest (Operating or Non-Operating interest in a lease that shares the expenses required to drill and develop an oil and gas well)
    What is 1031 Exchange and what does it have to do with Mineral Rights?2021-01-23T14:49:36-07:00

    A 1031 exchange is from Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, which allows you to avoid paying capital gains taxes when you sell an investment property and reinvest the proceeds from the sale within certain time limits in a property or properties of like kind and equal or greater value.

    Mineral Rights can qualify for the exchange because it is a real property interest. If you sell your mineral rights for a gain and want to invest in a vacation property or other real property investment, you could benefit by deferring the capital gains tax into that investment. We are not tax advisors but happy to refer you to our contacts who specialize in this arena!

    Can I sell if my minerals are leased?2021-01-23T15:02:06-07:00

    Yes! If your interest is currently leased and you decided to sell, the minerals the buyer is purchasing would simply be subject to the terms of that lease and pass on to the new owner.

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